“In the human soul
the Lake symbolises opposites:
depth and surface, the unconscious and rational thought, sorrow and joy.


A water mirror that reflects all that is around us
inviting humans to look deep inside themselves.
Silent and reassuring, sad and fascinating, romantic and disruptive.
A secret journey through which emotions are translated into musical compositions
accompanying us like notes pouring out of an old piano.


Each COMO LAKE perfume expresses olfactory chords
that reflect the lake’s countless shades
as they merge with profound melodies.


Just like the Lake, inside of us.”


Bacio nella Pioggia

Inspired by "Melody of Tears" • Ludwig van Beethoven
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An unexpected scent, fleeting and temporary, just like a kiss in the rain, at the shore of a lake that ripples with every passing breath of wind.

“A timeless kiss by the lake; as heavy rain starts pouring from a grey and faded sky. A sudden twist of fate, that the lovers barely notice, while rain crawls down their faces like tender tears of joy.”
Top Notes: Watery Accord, Mint, Eucalyptus
Heart Notes: Rose, Geranium, Fir Balsam
Base Notes: Canadian Pine, Cedar Wood, Perù Balsam


Inspired by "Silence" • Ludwig van Beethoven
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A fragrance that represents the tranquillity of the lake. With its calm surface and soothing sounds, the lake holds a unique depth marked by kindness and peace.

“Lost in the lake’s all-embracing silence. Words are futile; nothing but background noise obscuring the immortal qualities of life. Meet me half-way, in that special spot among poets and wonderers; where words mean nothing and eyes say everything; where all life begins and ends in a single, timeless instant.”
Top Notes: Mandarin, Sage
Heart Notes: Mate, Rose, White Jasmine, Orris Fusion
Base Notes: Kashmir Fusion, Tonka Beans, Musk, Moss, Amber


Inspired by "Love Theme" • Ennio Morricone
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The pure spirit of love, spreading through our limbs as we stare straight into the horizon. Almost like a movie, silently awakening joyful feelings and memories of love.

“Two lovers locked in a tender embrace, watching the sun as it sets over the lake. Let us dare again, be young together, and turn our love into a memory that follows us everywhere we go.”
Top Notes: Orange, Cardamom, Plum
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Chocolate Accord
Base Notes: Tobacco, Vanilla, Oud Accord


Inspired by "Rhyme of Another Summer" • Yann Tiersen
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The scent of summer promises, made when the air is lively and preludes feelings of boundless freedom.

“The air is electric by the lake tonight, as summer makes its grandiose and powerful entrance. We let go of what’s gone and embrace new exciting possibilities. Maybes are not illusions; they are wishes, waiting only to be fulfilled.”
Top Notes: Lemon, Mint, Cardamom
Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley, Orange Flower, Thyme
Base Notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, White Cedarwood


Inspired by "Nocturne" • Fryderyk Chopin
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Notturno reflects the contrast between the unconscious and the rational, restlessness and peace. It evokes the desire to dive deep below the surface, penetrating into the darkness of the night.

“Sitting in solitude, contemplating the depths and mysteries of human existence. The lake’s surface reflects our demons and complex meanings beyond our understanding. Yet at its depth lays an unshakable peace; the immutable essence of life.”
Top Notes: Lemon, Cinnamon, Pink Pepper
Heart Notes: Orange Flower, Rose, Myrrh
Base Notes: Oud, Amber, Vanilla


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produced by

Osmos Srl.

Lake Como, Italy

Como Lake
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